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  • Ideal for RCC, Asbestos, Terracotta tiles, Plastic water tanks etc.,
  • Water based coatings. Non-hazardous and environmentally safe.
  • Wonderful thermal insulation effect.
  • Total Protection to roofs from solar heating.
  • Screens IR and UV radiations.
  • Algae, Fungus resistant.
  • Saves Money! Reduces air conditioning bills and repairs to corrosion damage.
  • Good adherence to cement, wood, metal and etc. substrates.
  • Heat seal in summer & water seal in winter.
  • Very high radiant head reflectivity and very low thermal conductivity to provide.
  • Wonderful thermal insulation effect.
  • Maintain good effects within the temperature range of -40 C~200 C.
  • High fire resistance rating.
  • Waterproof but allows buildings to breathe.

Waterproofing effect:

Unlike other cool paints in the market, MRT Summer cool has high ductility, high plasticity, high water resistance and weather ability, which are essential for waterproof ness. Other cool coatings have no plasticity and are brittle, so they are easy to crack open. What's more, they have no water resistance and weather ability so they are not quite suitable to be used as waterproof materials.