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Cleaning Chemical Powder - (350 gm x 2)
Base Powder – 3 kg x 6
Resin Liquid (Pale Blue) – (500 ML x 3)
Protective coating Paste (500 gm x 6 No)

Product Characteristics

Packing size 30” x 18”- Bag. (Gunny Bag with inside PP coated)
Weight of the kit 23.5 kgs
Components 4 parts
Coverage 1000 sq.ft/kit
No. of Coatings 2 +1(Protective coating)
Coat thickness 1.5 - 2mm
Color Bright White
Sheen Flat
Emissivity 0.15
Volume solids 85%
Reflectivity 80%
UV Reflection 90%
RvE 9-11, Reflective (R20)
Conductivity 0.098 W/m/K
Application Temps 33F to 190F (0 to 88C)
Operation temps -40F to 200F (-4 to 93C)
Drying time Touch 1 hour
Handle 4 hours
Re-coat 4 hours
App. Method Brush, Roller, Power sprayer (Pest sprayer)
Surface Roof Terrace expose to Sunlight.
Interior For Air conditioned Rooms to prevent the absorption of Chillness by walls and to retain the chillness. So that AC will not be get overloaded.
Exterior Walls An isolated Home which gets Sunrays in all directions.
Tinting Standards acrylic tints for Exterior and interior walls.
VOC content None
Permeability Low (one way)
Abrasion resistance Mod - High
Cross hatch adhesion 100%, (excellent)
Accelerated aging Excellent
Pull-off-Strength 360 + psi
Flame Spread Nil
Smoke Developed Nil
Energy Star applied