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Technology behind the scene:

When the space shuttle (Colombia) re-enters the atmosphere, incredible heat is generated due to increasing air friction as the atmosphere becomes denser. In order to prevent the space shuttle from burning up during re-entry, NASA scientists developed a superior insulating material using ceramic technology. This technology can now be applied to the building in order to insulate it from the radiant heat of the sun and the atmosphere. The increased insulation lowers energy costs, and provides protection against thermal shock, lengthening the life-span of the roof and building and increasing the integrity of the roofing system.

Because there are a lot of vacuum fine particles in MRT Summer Cool Paint, its thermal conductance value is low enough to reduce the heat in side the room. In addition, the white MRT Summer Cool Paint has high reflectivity , which enables it to reflect the heat of radiation sufficiently. MRT Summer Cool Paint is applicable to the thermal insulation of any kind of roof top and external wall . Generally speaking, only two coats of painting of MRT Summer Cool Paint will be thick enough to give excellent insulating effect, with a reduce of 6-10°C in the surface. In recent days when the energy cost increases higher and higher, it can help to reduce the use rate of air conditioning and save the electricity cost.