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MRT Introduction

Naturally the greatest amount of solar generated heat will penetrate through the roof, particularly Asbestos, Metal  and Concrete roofs.

All the materials that are used in the construction of any Home, or business buildings, absorb and transfer the Heat. Common building materials absorb and transfer 80% to 95% of Heat. This heat is always transferred from warmer side to the cooler by conduction, convection and radiation. The normal brickbat weathering course done over the RCC roof will not have any effect to bring the room temperature inside residence to desirable levels.

The Only Radiant Barrier Coating for Solar Insulation is MRT Summer Cool Paint which is an in-expensive and easy-to-use thermal Insulating coating manufactured based on the “Latest” Generation Thermal insulating Compounds.

Summer Cool Paint Coating will significantly reflect the solar heat and reduce the absorption of heat by the ceiling and its subsequent transfer to the room below. While it makes staying on the roof much more comfortable in non-air conditioned rooms, it significantly reduces the power consumption in air-conditioned or air-cooled rooms.